Our Calling

Hosting guests for us is a much more than just providing a bed and meal as we find thrill in presenting the most wholesome and personalised service we could only wish to encounter when traveling ourselves. Every guest is contacted beforehand where in they receive detailed info on how to get to our location whether it is from the airport, ferry port or bus station; they are also met at the drop-off point and walked to Makarun.


Local ingredients


Breakfast is served every morning from 7.30 am until 10.30 am.  We were bored with classic hotel buffets and since we had a fine dining restaurant on our hands, we decided to make use of it- thus our three coursed breakfast served under the magical fig tree in our courtyard. The ingredients are all locally sourced and most of them are actually home-grown and homemade. Nena, the breakfast chef, hand picks her fresh ingredients at the break of dawn and then gets busy incorporating them into our traditional and varied meal. All food is 100% organic. 



We are very proud of every step we took to ensure our footprint on the environment is as small as possible. We love our beautiful coast and strive to preserve the natural beauties it possesses. We only cooperate with companies that have obtained eco certificates in compliance with EU laws and directives. We make great efforts on a daily basis to adjust our business model to eco friendly standards with our guests getting the maximum comfort they deserve in the process. We are also proud of our model of zero food waste which we will introduce our guests to over breakfast. We also use many digital features as to avoid waste of energy and material.