Story about Macaroni

This is our story about macaroni. There are lots of theories about macaroni’s origin. Some explorers believe that Marco Polo brought macaroni to Italy in the century from his travels to China. Marco Polo (1254-1324) was a Venetian merchant and a worldknown adventurer, who is famous for his travels’ records to Central Asia and China. It is believed he was born on the island of Korčula (according to some century documents found on Korčula).
In chapter CLXXI of the book ‘Il Milione’ Marco Polo mentions macaroni in China. The legend of Marco Polo says: In the wilderness of Mongolia in the midst of a snowstorm, not knowing whether he would survive or not, he cried ‘I wish I could once again eat a handful of macaroni from my homeland of Korčula’.
However, macaroni is dated much earlier at the time of ancient Etruscan who prepared it by grinding grains and mixed it with water, and after cooking, that mixture would become delicious and nutricious food.
Macaroni is certainly the most famous food from the island of Korčula. In our restaurant it is prepared handmade according to five hundred-year-old recipes. Most food we use is organic. in tavern & bar Makarun we keep that tradition because the feast without macaroni isn’t complete.

Bon apetit!!!

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